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Pack Of 3 One Size Pocket Diapers

Our pocket diapers fit from 3-15kg babies Outer layer: Waterproof and breathable TPU (laminated cloth). Inner layer: microfleece which keeps baby’s bum dry This diaper shell also comes with a tummy leak guard feature to help babies wet more at the front. (Especially boys or tummy sleepers)

Pack Of 4 Newborn Cover Diapers (SUPERSOFT MINKY PUL)

Newborn cover diapers paired with flats are one of the most economical cloth diapering systems for the newborn stage when babies go through multiple diaper changes per day. The cover diapers are generously sized to use with flats or prefolds and fit until 6-7 months depending upon the baby’s build. Place a fleece liner on top of the pad folded flats to give a stay-dry feel for the baby’s bum. This also makes poop cleaning easy as the liner protects the whole diaper from getting messy with poop. If the poops don’t get to the cover diapers, the diaper shell can be reused by wiping and air-drying between diaper changes.

Reusable pads entire cycle set

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Our cloth pads are made with an outer PUL for waterproofing and the velvety soft cotton velour inside layer will keep you